PT. Energitama Catudaya

At PT. Energitama Catudaya, we believe in providing each and every customer the best support services in every step of the way. From the earliest interaction when we begin to understand your needs and requirements, to the design stage, installation, implementation and commissioning, and to after-sales services & support, we strive to provide the best service and support in order to ensure a smooth and successful delivery of a comprehensive system and solution which takes into account all of your unique needs, and which incorporates our best technical and field expertises and experiences.

Understanding our customers’ need is our main concern, and we treat that as our No. 1 priority. With more than 25 years of experience in the power industry, you can entrust your investment in power solutions in our hands. Our strength lies in the hands of our team of dedicated, committed and well-trained technical engineers, who are always there to support you.

In addition to our broad range of power products and systems, we offer a complete scope of efficient and cost effective after-sales value-added services, to provide you with the necessary support, help you understand and have control over unexpected operational and disturbance situations.


Services - Installation

We provide on-site installation of systems, carried out by our well-trained engineers, where you can be assured the best quality service you deserved. As part of our commitments to our customers, we work based on their schedule, anywhere in the world.

Start-up and commissioning

Services - Start-up and commissioning

Dependent on the customers’ requirement, our engineers are well-trained and ready for all kind of situations, from presence at site, to carrying out system start-up and commissioning.

Service, repair and maintenance

Services - Service, repair and maintenance

We provide contract services to customers that required maintenance and service of their systems already in place, to achieve the best performance. Our service team will perform planned maintenance, monitor performance, diagnose problems and repairs, and respond to emergencies on a 24 x 7 basis.


Services - Training

Knowledge of the systems is important prior to operations and maintenance. We cater customised training, based on the needs of the customer, either in-house or at the customers' premises. Conducted by our well-trained engineers, your engineers or technicians can be assured the best knowledge required to operate, understand the safety aspects of the equipments, and maintenance of the systems.

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