PT. Energitama Catudaya

A reliable and uninterrupted supply of electrical power is critical in today’s business operations, regardless of industries. In some instances, it affects the survival of the business and the organization. PT. Energitama Catudaya is your best provider of secondary power continuity solutions and products. We have a broad customer base in different industries, as shown below.


Application - Industrial

Secured and reliable electrical power is crucial in today’s modern industrial and commercial businesses. Our power solutions and services protect critical industry system and processes from the damaging effects of poor quality of electrical power and power interruptions. Therefore it is vital to have the most reliable power supply equipment equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology that are extremely critical to industry processes, to secure the operators’ revenue-generating services.


Application - Utility

Business and public sector organizations require secured electrical power, as they seek to minimize the risk of power failure for business continuity and public safety. We play a key role in power generation, transmission, distribution and protection scheme in the utility industry and our power solution is an effective insurance against power loss.

Oil and Gas

Application - Oil and Gas

Many of the global oil and gas companies put their trust in us through our successful installation in their pipelines, drillings, production and support operations. Given the strict requirements within the oil and gas industries, we are well-equipped to meet the most challenging and hostile electrical environment. Our systems are tailored to suit every customer’s specific requirements.


Application - Railway

With the rigorous environment within the railway industry, we understand the demand and stringent international standards. Our high quality power backup equipments are capable to maintain the functionality against wide variation in temperature, heavy vibration, and electrical disruptions. Reliability is essential for vital passengers' safety and control functions, in rail and mass transit industries, which calls for special-designed battery backup systems to perform a number of crucial onboard and trackside roles.


Application - Hospital

Hospitals are equipped with countless sensitive equipment for monitoring and diagnosing patients. Power failure is unacceptable and reliable power must always be present when it is needed and for as long as required. With our complete range of stand-by power systems which are designed for low maintenance, they are capable to provide pure performance and reliability during the most crucial stage of sudden power failure.


Application - Marine

Quality and Reliable power must always be available and when it is needed. Our products have been proven best designs that can be relied on to deliver crucial emergency power that can withstand the toughest marine conditions, humid environments, extreme temperatures and vibration.


Application - Telecommunication

High technology power systems are required to meet the high expectations of the telecom network operators, in order to obtain an improved return of investment and reduce overall costs. Our equipments are suitable to be used in harsh climates often associated with remote outdoor sites.

Solar Energy

Application - Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that has many benefits over power plant diesel generators, and does not need regular provision of fuel. Solar panels are in many sizes that can be installed from Home to Industrial system, and can be used in tropical or desert environments.

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