PT. Energitama Catudaya

PT. Energitama Catudaya
Kawasan Industri Jababeka I Blok K - 7A Cikarang Bekasi Indonesia

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About Us

PT. Energitama Catudaya was established specifically to provide power continuity solutions to customers in the oil and gas, and utilities industries. Since its founding, Energitama Catudaya’s customer's base has expanded rapidly in range and number, to include customers in many other industries, notably in petrochemicals, marine, telecommunications, hospitals, railways and manufacturing.

The increases in customers are naturally accompanied by an increase in our accumulative technical know-how, expertise and field experience. Coupled with our commitments and strong work ethics, our teams of sales and technical engineers will be able to provide any customer with the best support from the initial pre-sales stage, to design and implementation, and to after-sales service support stage of every project. We invariably propose the best cost-competitive solutions, bearing in mind all of our customers' needs, regardless how unique or complex.

We work closely with all of our customers to fully understand their operations and needs, in order to customize the power continuity solution best suited to their applications. We also practise the strictest quality control procedures on all of our products, in order to ensure the greatest reliability and to retain our customers' trust. Our customers know that the Energitama Catudaya insignia on our products are a symbol of quality and dependability.

Today, our company has growth in strength with established subsidiaries and associated groups, as well as distributors located in Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific Region.

Mission, Vision and Values

At PT. Energitama Catudaya, it is our mission to be the most preferred supplier of power continuity solutions and products in the global market. We treat every single customer’s needs as our own, and we view every successful design and implementation as our success story. We also strive to make full use of our extensive expertise and field experience to the best benefit of every one of our valued customers, providing the best possible solution and achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

PT. Energitama Catudaya strives to be an innovative and consistently reliable supplier and solutions-provider, which develops new working approaches leading to greatest efficiency and quality for all of our products and services, comparable to the world standards. We also aspire to build a team of the world class professionals in the field, utilizing our knowledge and skills to serve our customers.

INTEGRITY: We shall always act in the highest legal and ethical standards in everything we do. We shall conduct ourselves in a manner that nurtures and inspires the confidence of our customers, colleagues and shareholders.

TEAMWORK: We work together and share resources to provide the maximum possible values to our customers, colleagues and shareholders. We believe that by collaborations, we can multiply our abilities to achieve success, innovation and progress, as well as our competitive advantage in the global market.

INNOVATION: We use diverse skills, knowledge, talents and ideas, accumulated over the years and from our extensive experiences, to develop innovative and creative solutions for our customers. We believe that innovation drives progress and generates growth, which is beneficial to all our customers, colleagues and shareholders in the global market.

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